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Star Series Electrotherapy Devices

  • Outputs: 2 completely independent (4 electrode connections)

  • Active currents: Galvanic, Galvanic Switch, Dynamic (50 & 100 Hz, CP, LP, Two-phase, Single-phase), Pulsed (Delta, Square, Trabert, Exponential), Phared (Delta, Square, Neodynamic), TENS, Burst Modulated ), Crossover (Bipolar, Quadrupole, Isoplanar, Classical), Kotz, MF Stimulation, Venous Lymphatic Stimulation (on request), High Voltage (on request), Frequency and Voltage Equivalents (on request)

  • Integrated vacuum suction (STAR ​​​​ Infinity Fix): on request

  • Ready-made treatment protocols with on-screen electrode placement

  • Infinite memory positions

  • 6.5" color LCD touchscreen

  • Recommended combination of treatments 

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