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E-Tower Series Electrotherapy Devices

  • Tower 2 STIM

  • It can offer all the most useful low and medium frequency currents. Currents are supplied from 2 different output channels where the intensity can be adjusted individually, while a wide variety of preset protocols with body images and memory are available to provide the best versatility.

  • 2-output (4 electrodes) Tens and Biphasic Diadynamic Kotz Denervated muscle stimulations Crossed 4-pole and 2-pole application Galvanic

  • Tower 4 STIM

  • A modern device for stimulation of normo-innervated muscles, relief of pain, drainage, improvement of muscle performance. 4 outputs (8 electrodes) TENS, Biphasic, Galvanic

  • Technical specifications for TOWER 2 STIM and 4 STIM

  • color screen

  • Illustration of a disease by body region

  • Ready-made treatment protocols

  • Free memory slots

  • Battery (optional)

  • Carrying bag (optional)


Elettro Tower.jpg
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