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Roland 2 Series Electrotherapy Devices

  • Drainage electrotherapy

  • The use of this particular exponential waveform helps improve circulation, accelerates and facilitates venous return, and reduces pain and problems caused by swelling and edema.

  • IF waveforms from 2 to 20 KHz

  • Both the intensity (vertical) and carrier frequency (horizontally) of the IF waveforms can be adjusted. During the treatment, it is possible to apply different frequencies to the patient that cause various effects such as anti-inflammatory and edema, stimulation of fibers and muscles, pain relief. Such waveforms may therefore be useful in the treatment of complex pathologies where pain is associated with edema, edema with trauma, or pain associated with muscle contraction and sprain.

  • Continuous and pulsed vacuum device (on request)

  • Vacuum can be useful to perform specific treatments such as keloid, drainage, or to apply IF currents to be effective in triggering the effects of hyperemia.

  • Technicial Specifications:

  • - Outputs: 2, independent of current and intensity selection

  • - Maximum intensity: 76.5 mA

  • - Low frequency: Galvanic and intermittent galvanic, diadynamic, rectangular, triangular, biphasic, exponential, Trabert, faradics, drain

  • - Medium frequency: 2 to 20 KHz, Bipolar and quadrupole, IF isoplanar, IF vectorial, MF excitation, Kotz, IF isodynamic.

  • - High voltage: on demand

  • - Continuous and pulsed vacuum: on request

  • - Display: 480x800 pixels: color touchscreen

  • - Preset programs with body pictures

  • - Free memory

  • - Therapeutic goals

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